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Hamptons 2Q 2020 Home Sales Market Report

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, Hamptons 2Q 2020 Home Sales Market Report, Town & Country Real Estate

Considering we were locked down due to COVID-19 during most of the 2nd Quarter, the statistics show the resilience of the Hamptons Home Sales Market! Looking at All Hamptons Markets Combined and you can see the number of sales year-to-year are on par but the Median Home Sales Price increased by 26% to $1,325,000 in 2020 from $1,050,000 in 2019. This 2nd Quarter demonstrates a slight uptick, particularly at sales over $1M — watching closely the existing activity and I can say with confidence the 3rd Quarter Home Sales Report will be even better. Stay healthy, stay safe.

For the full report click here – Hamptons 2Q Market Report

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