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Agents: How To Develop a Website That Gets Thousands of Visitors

By AgentImage, Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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If you are a real estate agent there is a very good chance you have a Website. It is an absolute necessity in this business. You either purchased one from one of the Website companies, had one professionally designed, or have one provided by your company. No matter what the appearance or purchase price, your number one problem is getting anyone to look at it. And even if someone does visit your Website, is there really a compelling reason to come back?

Let’s address the first problem – Traffic. “Build it and they will come” does not work. You have to resort to buying keywords or advertising, paying a SEO company big bucks, or spend your entire day online mastering every trick on the Net. But now you have created another problem, either a high monthly expense or so much allotted time there is little left for you core business – real estate sales. Make no mistake, the minute you quit spending money or massive online time, your traffic will drop off.

Now the second problem – Compelling content. Even if you solve the traffic problem, there is no reason to come back. How many times can a visitor read your bio. It doesn’t matter how many whistles and bells you have on your site, they’re not going to come back. Heck, you don’t even go there anymore.

It is our opinion at Realty Times that you are the exerts. Most of the advice that consumers need and want, you possess. The ins and outs of why a home should be purchased – you know it. The announcements that are important to consumers (you know those articles that are in every weekend real estate section) you are already writing them. Share all of these with our readers.

Free publicity – not bad. However, we were discussing traffic and compelling content.

Here comes the traffic part. When you write or post an article on Realty Times and one of our readers clicks on it, they will then go directly to the article on your my Realty Times. All of your contact information is there – All. Now after this reader finishes your killer article. they will see all of the other articles written by the Realty Times writers. Make no mistake, we have the best writers in the business. All of these articles are on your my Realty Times, so they also display all of your contact info. It is important to know this – no other agents articles are on your version of my Realty Times.

All of your articles are indexed by the search engines so they will continue to receive traffic after they have fallen off the front page of Realty Times. We even have a place where readers can sign up for your news. Your news is defined as all consumer news published by Realty Times and those articles you publish.

So, the more you share your advice with consumers, write about your listings, and announce your accomplishments, the more traffic you will get.

Traffic solved. Compelling content solved. PR solved. Did we say this is free?

Good luck, good writing, and good traffic.

Written by Realty Times on Thursday, 19 September 2013 15:12