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East Hampton

The reason East Hampton on Long Island's East End is a world renowned vacation spot becomes clear as you stroll down our picturesque Main Street of East Hampton Village; soak up the sun on our world famous sandy beaches; explore an antique shop in Amagansett or stop at one of the farm stands for fresh produce. The air, the light, a feeling that's very rare comes over you and you breathe more deeply, notice the little things. Life is good here in East Hampton, Long Island, NY.

It comes as no surprise to learn that East Hampton continues to find itself at the top of the lists for America's most beautiful Main Streets, and the World's best beaches. For centuries the natural beauty of the area, its proximity to Manhattan, New York and favorable "buzz", have kept East Hampton growing prospering. Where else in the world can you see individuals from Forbes 100 list, Academy Awards winning actors and directors, renowned artists, local carpenters, bankers and, yes, real estates agents, all lining up for fresh donuts and coffee every morning?

In the 1800's his boyhood home in East Hampton Village inspired actor turned writer, John Howard Payne, to write the line, "Mid pleasures and palaces though I may roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." To this day, beyond all the social whirl, media attention and hype, East Hampton, like so much of the East End, is really just a wonderful place to call home.

East Hampton Community Resources
EH Chamber of Commerce - 631.324.0362

East Hampton Historical Society - 631.324.6850

East Hampton School District - 631.329.4100

US Post Office - 12 Gay Rd, East Hampton

East Hampton Library - 631.324.0222

East Hampton Fire Department - 631.324.4140

East Hampton Police Deparment - 631.324.4150

Town of East Hampton Police - 631.324.4140

East Hampton Star - 631.324.0002

Hampton Jitney - 631.283.4600

Hampton Luxury Liner - 631.537.5800