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Now more than ever it’s vital to real estate agents and brokers in the Hamptons and across the North Fork real estate markets to use digital media to stay creatively connected with buyers, sellers, and renters. Clients and customers are online searching for real estate. These interactive tools empower Town & Country Real Estate agents and brokers to show off great listings, showcase special features, and take people on a virtual tour of luxury real estate.


, Digital Media, Town & Country Real EstateiPhone Facetime, Google Duo, and Zoom connect you with your buyers and sellers and are easy to use. Download the apps and connect to anybody just about anywhere. Facetime is only available to iPhone users. Google Duo is a video chat app, similar to Facetime where both parties need to use the app. The most popular app at the moment is Zoom. Anyone can Zoom from their phone, laptop, or tablet. WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger are also reliable options. All are dynamic ways to show off your listings in real-time and show off how much you know about the property and surrounding area.

Download The Apps Or To Learn More: ZOOM | FACETIME | GOOGLE DUO | WHATSAPP | SKYPE


, Digital Media, Town & Country Real EstateLong-form 3 to 5-minute videos can be created by most photographers and aerial video pros. But they can also be shot on smartphones and edited by the T&C Marketing Team in three to five days. All you need is a steady hand, a change in perspective, clean camera lens and time to set the stage.

Just like you’d clear and stage the house before a photographer comes over, to get a great video do the same. Adjust the lights, open the doors. Use a tripod or a steady hand and pan slowly from left to right and back again. Bring the camera down to chest or waist height to make rooms look taller/larger. Turn your smartphone to the side – horizontal is the best way to shoot videos. Don’t worry about sound unless you plan to do a walk-and-talk video. We can add music in the editing process.

Create a list of shots to walk someone through the house and around the property with you. Exterior front shot at least 10 seconds long – slowly start at the end of the property and get closer to the house. Take 2 shots of each small room and basic bedroom without a bathroom. Take 3-4 shots of each larger room and ensuite bedroom. If the closets are huge, show them off. Exterior backyard shots at least 10 seconds long to show off the pool, tennis, pool house, and views.

Upload the video clips to our OneHub FTP where T&C will then edit the video adding titles, room details, sound, and your contact info.

Video Walk Thru Virtual Tours: 21 FORDUNE | 9 MITCHELL DUNES LANE


, Digital Media, Town & Country Real EstateTake all the professional photos of your listings and have them turned into mini videos. Coming in at under a minute in length, slideshows are perfect for social media like Instagram and sending to potential buyers since the files are usually a manageable size for email. The T&C Marketing Team can create these slideshows for your listings upon request.

Check Out T&C’s Photo Slideshows In Action: 16 ASSUPS NECK LN | 843 MONTAUK HWY