In fast-growing Sag Harbor, the charms and possibilities are endless. Balmy salt air comingles with quaint village streets, and sailboats dot the sparkling shores. Visitors can hit the golf links, visit the myriad art galleries or local wineries, or go fishing, sailing or kayaking as the Harbor breezes caress you. Or enjoy one of the many boat tours offered from the marina, including a junta to nearby marine park.

Relive a bit of the area's heritage as a former whaling port (the town was even mentioned in Melville's classic "Moby Dick"), at the amazing whaling museum. After the sun sets, you'll have time to sample fine cuisine from around the globe at numerous "hot" restaurants then, as the night moves on, set your sights on taking in live theatre or music. In Sag Harbor, there are just not enough hours in the day to savor all the attractions.