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Celebrating Summer & Our New Greenport Office

By Laura Mott, Thursday, July 26, 2018
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The centerpiece of the Town & Country Real Estate summer of 2018 included a soiree to celebrate the opening of our new Greenport office. Located at 120 Front Street, Greenport, the waterfront space is right in the middle of the action in this hot North Fork enclave.

“Greenport is such an ideal place for an office because of the foot traffic,” said Town & Country founder and CEO Judi Desiderio. “And who knows more about great locations than real estate agents.”

Agents from Hamptons and North Fork Offices came together for the evening to toast each other’s big deals and to meet and greet a host of new agents. A special moment for Judi Desiderio and her partners, Nancy McGann and Janet Hummel, was when agent Charles Sanders presented her with a flag from his time serving in the United States Army in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

20180725_193228-150x150Town & Country Real Estate

20180725_183125-150x150Steve Zellman, Pamela Walsh, Victoria Van Vlaanderen, Helene Leonard, Gene Stilwell, Nancy mcGann

20180725_183258-150x150Andrew Olsen, Bill Brewer, Charles Sanders, John Tracy, Jeff Sztorc

20180725_183506-150x150Kerry, Melinda Markland, Sherry Delosh

20180725_183532-150x150Ursula Wolff and Nicholas J. Planamento

20180725_183727-150x150Nicholas J. Planamento, Nicole B. Brewer, Charles Sanders, Joan Bischoff van Heemskerck

20180725_184000-150x150Judi Desiderio and Charles Sanders

20180725_184010-150x150Judi Desiderio and Charles Sanders

20180725_184013-150x150Judi Desiderio and Charles Sanders

20180725_184047-150x150Judi Desiderio and Charles Sanders

20180725_184135-150x150Mladen Bay, Elizabeth Galle, Jeanmarie Bay, Kathie Anderson

20180725_184146-150x150Ron, Jaclyn Worth, Lotonya Rivera

20180725_184541-150x150Dawn Decker, Debbie Fink, Gail Shepard, Peggy Kisla, Sharon Edwards

20180725_184627-150x150Bob Immacolato, Diane Becker, Robert Becker, Diane Lynn

20180725_190443-150x150Pamela Walsh and Nicole B. Brewer

20180725_190633-150x150Geraldine Vitale and Victoria Van Vlaanderen

20180725_190646-150x150Melinda Markland and Patricia Richards

20180725_191006-150x150Eligio Lopez, Chrystal Wesnofske, Lidia Wacek

20180725_191934-150x150Janet Hummel, Nancy McGann, Judi Desiderio