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The Gates of Heaven – Hamptons Heaven, That Is

By Judi Desiderio, Tuesday, July 22, 2008
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Drive down the lanes a mile long in Southampton, bike through the meandering country roads of Bridgehampton, or jog along the waterside ways in East Hampton and you eyes are sure to feast on an array of entry gates to both humble and majestic home. Some are always open to welcome, other closed and quite possible locked shut; some elaborate and grand, others simple and small. For sure, all add a touch of personal taste and design to a home, as well as give privacy, and least we forget, a sense of security and peace of mind.

But there is also another added benefit of entry gates – gates are an investment in a home and increase property value, as they add elegance and beauty to existing landscaping. How many times have we heard or read a description of a house for sale that says “private gated entryway” or secluded and gates 2.5 acres”. Gates are sellable features that can be added to every homes amenity list.

Choice and style and vast ad wide; prices are equally varied. Choose a look that compliments your home and landscape, one that won’t break the bank account, and most importantly, one that welcomes you HOME every time you pull up to you house.