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Why Didn’t My House In The Hamptons Rent?

By Judi Desiderio, Wednesday, November 05, 2008
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As Manager for Town & Country Real Estate in Westhampton Beach, I often have occasion to speak with homeowners regarding their homes for rent, and quite often get questions about that special vacation beach house, that just didn’t rent last summer. I queried the real estate agents, in my office for some of their tips and here are some suggestions:

Joan Duval, suggested remembering to keep things light, bright and white. An uncluttered, sense of open space is very inviting for those wishing to just come to the beach, or the country, to simply relax. Here’s an example of what she means:

Note that the room is very light filled, bright and furnished but minimally so with no clutter or distractions. This makes a very enticing presentation when showing this particular house for rent, here is another example of the idea of light, bright, and white:

While both of these homes are spacious beach houses, Donna Andersen, of our Westhampton Beach office commented that it is also possible to create a sense of order and create a welcoming presence even in smaller homes, which have decidedly smaller spaces, by applying the light, bright, and white principle. As shown in the next photo, though the area is smaller, there is a charming and inviting essence about the room, which is tidy and orderly with a minimal of furnishings.

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